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Thanks for checking out the Printables page. I will continue to update this with printables that I create. Be sure to check back often. Thank you! If you would like to post these printables on your blog, please put a link to my page. It does take time and effort to create these. I would appreciate it if I got the credit for it. Thank you Lovelies!
I love puzzles!! Logical ones. You know the ones that really get you thinking. Not just the cute jigsaw puzzles! I'm talking about REBUS PUZZLES!! There are many types of rebus puzzles. So that use pictures, others use symbols or words to represent a phrase. I have created a worksheet geared for older children (independent readers) of rebus word puzzles. Here is an example:
You can click here to down the worksheets! Let me know what you think!!! They aren't lined for answers. You can write underneath the puzzle. You can always number them and have the children write there answers on the board or on the back of the sheet.

Lunch Box Love Notes

I wanted to purchase these lunch box notes at the store one day. They were almost $10 and you get plain average cards. Nothing exciting about them at all. I made my own. You can go choose a link at the bottom to my drop box to print the sets I made or you can make your own. First click here to download the Avery template. There are two download options. You will need MS Word or equivalent.

 Find clip art on Google that your child likes. I say choose characters that they like instead of borders. That way as they get older you can just switch out the characters. You can create any kind of theme you want : princesses, automobiles, planes, monster trucks, Mario Bros. , Disney, and many more. After you download the images, be sure to save them to a folder you can easy access. You can insert the images and align them as you see fit.

With this Avery template, you can write directly on the note card. I preferred to insert a text box. If you use a text box, edit it and remove the background color and border. Save your document and print on card stock. If you want to reuse them, laminate them and put a Velcro button on the back as well as inside your child's lunch box. That way you can ensure it won't get tossed. You can also buy the clear pockets (similar to these click here) to slip them in if you don't want to do the Velcro. You can find them cheaper this was just the best picture I could find. I also left room for you to sign love Mom, Dad, etc. Enjoy!

Example of Boy Lunch Note in Set 2 via Windows Paint.JPEG
Example of Girl Lunch Note in Set 1 via Windows Paint.JPEG

Please note... these are PDF files:
Boy Lunch Notes Set 1
Boy Lunch Notes Set 2
Girl Lunch Notes Set 1
Girl Lunch Notes Set 2

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