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I have always loved to take pictures. I definitely love to have my pictures taken ever since I was younger when I was a cheerleader and did some modeling. I think I got that from my mother who always took pictures. Right now I just have a simple Samsung digital camera.  There are A LOT of built in features for the price. I bought it years ago for about $150. I want to get a Nikon but I want to learn more about the functions of it before I just buy one. Of course I really won't learn until I purchase one. I'm the type of person that likes to read the manual and do research lol. Here is just a glimpse of some photos I have taken. You can see more in the photography topic section on the right side of blog. These are MY PHOTOS taken with a simple point and shoot camera. I love sepia and black and white photos!!!

This was taken in Panama City four years ago. Its still one of my favorites. A storm was coming.

This was take in Myrtle Beach. We were eating at the Burger King near the strip. This bird
stared me down for the longest. LOL. He wanted a fresh fry. ;D

My wittle fella was about 5-6 months old. 

Miss Mya 4 years old. Spring time pictures.

Cameron & Mya at the Sibling love.

I was playing around with this one. We were getting ready for a yard sale later that week.
Jayden had been crying irritating Mya lol. Perfect timing. Those were real emotions lol.

Same thing different scenery.

New Year's Eve 2013. Check out the post on this photo shoot.
You can see the other photos by clicking this link to the blog post: New Years Photo Shoot For Kids

This is my husband, Josh. I took this photo Fathers Day  2012

I really enjoyed taking tall of these photos. Stay tuned for up and coming post about my journey into photography.

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  1. Someone doesn't like holding the 'for sale' sign ;o)


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