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Thanks for checking out this page. I would first like to start by saying I am a cook not a CHEF. In my own words a cook is someone who cooks delicious food all while using fast and easy techniques to get in and out of the kitchen. Measuring to the "T"...I'll leave that to the Chefs! As Sweet Brown says, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" And literally being a part time working mother of three I really don't have time to be in the kitchen all day preparing a meal with my odd work schedule. Any hoo, enjoy these recipes Lovelies. Let me know if you have tried any and how they work for you. Check back often as I will continue to update with delicious recipes. Don't forget to check out the Play With Your Food section found in my topics. The food there is more kid-friendly. :D
Homemade Pico-Salsa Style

What you need:

Food Processor
Cutting Board
2-3 Roma Tomatoes
Lime (or Lime Juice)
1 White Onion
Sea Salt

  • Cut tomatoes into chunky dices
  • Cut to slices of white onion (about a 1/2 in each in thickness) then cut into chunky dices
  • Grab about a handful of cilantro and cut the bushel in half
  • Combine tomatoes, onions, and cilantro into the food processor. Use a slow speed to chop.
  • Add lime juice about a 1/2 teaspoon (or more if desired)
  • Blend to an applesauce type consistency
  • Add sea salt to your liking
  • Serve or chill immediately. Serve the salsa with tortilla chips or on tacos. Try Tostitos NEW Cantina Thin and Crispy tortilla chips! I LOVE them!!

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