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Kid iPhone Apps

I just wanted to share good games for your iPhone or iPad just for kids. Here is a list of what you can find on my iPhone for my kiddos :D I will continue to add as my kids like to keep up with the "cool games my friends are playing at school." Be sure to check back often. Thank you Lovelies!

  1. Banzai Blade 

  2. Dance Mickey           

  3. Laugh & Learn Giggle Gang

  4. Laugh & Learn Monkey

  5. Laugh & Learn Puppy's Player

  6. Mouse Maze

  7. Littlest Pet Shop

  8. Hello Kitty Match

  9. Stickly Jump

  10. Fruit Ninja
11. Share Timer

12. Monster University- Catch Archie

13. Despicable Me- Minon Rush

14. Jetpack Joyride

15. Ninja Chicken- Tiny Chicken Learns Prime Numbers

16. Measure Length- Tiny Chicken (TaptoLearn Software)

17. Farmers Market (Tab Tale LTD)

18. Math Puppy (Kids Game Club)

19. Tell Time Little Match Ups (

20. Speed Times Table

21. Puppet Pals 2

22.  Dial Safe Pro

23. Line 'Em Up

24. Math Blaster 2

25. Mathmateer

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