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Monday, January 6, 2014

Healthy Breakfast


Tired if the same cereal, oatmeal, and bagel breakfast? Here is a very easy recipe that I came up with for breakfast. This ideal for tomato and spinach lovers. 

Spinach & Egg Stuffed Tomato Breakfast


2 lg eggs
1/2 c of baby spinach 
1 round tomato 
1/2 c of shredded cheese
Cooking spray
1 slice of bacon opt*
Salt opt*
Pepper opt*
1/2-1 tsp of milk opt*


Cut baby spinach as pictured above. Set aside. Cut the top of tomato off. Spoon out the inside well with a spoon and set aside. Leaving bits of tomato will cause watering. Cut inside of tomato in small chunks. Set aside.This amount is up to you. I used about half of the inside of the tomato.

Cooking directions

Pre heat sprayed small skillet to medium heat (6-7 for numbered stoves). Fork well two eggs in a small mixing bowl (add optional milk for density in this step). Slowly pour in eggs. Cook slowly to prevent browning. Add optional salt and pepper during cooking. I typically lightly salt and pepper. Use a spatula to stir eggs in skillet. This next step is optional: meanwhile in a separate skillet, fry one slice of bacon. Set aside.

When eggs are almost done add your spinach. Continue cooking until spinach is cooked to your liking (I cook my spinach until it gets that withered look). Once eggs and spinach are done, add tomato chunks and optional crumbled bacon. Stir then add 1/2 of your cheese and set aside the remaining. Once cheese melts, spoon your egg mixture inside of your tomato. Fill to top and sprinkle remaining cheese. Allow cheese to melt for a few seconds. Serve immediately. 

I served mine with two slices of toast topped with butter and honey. You can serve with whatever you like!

If you try this recipe let me know!!! Send pictures also let me know if you tweeked it.

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