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Monday, April 7, 2014

Copy Cat Files: Starbucks' Green Tea Lemonade

Hello my Lovelies!!!!

I love love LOVE Starbucks!!!!! I am a faithful customer but they are not always in my budget. I wanted a green tea lemonade sweetened really really REALLY bad today. I am broke until Friday lol! Bills bills bills. 

 I obviously knew the main two ingredients were green tea and lemonade. I had to think really hard about what Starbucks used as a sweetener. I knew it DEFINITELY WAS NOT SPLENDA!!!!  I took a leap of faith and decided to use honey! AND VIOLA!!! It was perfect!!!!!! 

Check out my receipe below. If you try it or modify it share your thoughts please! As always thanks for your support!!!

What you need:

Makes one serving (12oz or 1.5 cups)

8oz green tea 
4oz lemonade
1 tbsp honey
2 large ice cubes
blender cup 

Add ice to blender cup. LEAVE BLENDER BALL IN CUP!! Add lemonade, green tea, and lastly honey. Shake well and serve. 

***I recommend using a name brand tea and lemonade for the best quality. I do not recommend sugar. If you want to make a larger amount you can find conversion calculators online.***

Feel free to share but I ask that you please post a link to my page. Always give credit ;)

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