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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Summer is almost here...what are you planning?

Wow! This year has flown by so fast. I only have two more weeks until finals!! The kids have three weeks left. I have not even began to look into summer activities for the kids. I did find a VBS program for them but its only a week long. And VBS is not until June. So I have no idea what else to really do. I started looking on Google and Pintrest and I actually found some things to consider:

I came across my local library's summer reading program for kids. After completing the reading log, the kids can turn it in a get a free book! I thought that was pretty cool. They also get entered into a drawing for their own READ poster photo shoot and the grand prize of winning tickets to Legoland! What a great incentive!!

The kids came home with a flyer for free bowling during the summer. All you have to do is sign them up on the website. The awesome thing about this is that they get two bowl two games a day for FREE. They even have a family pass available for like $25 to bowl with the kids for the entire summer. So mom, dad, grandma, etc can be added to the family pass. There is a limit but it depends on the location. Check with your child's school to see if they have any information or just call around to the local bowling alleys to see if they have such programs.

The local movie theater offers free G and PG films  throughout the week. This is awesome because kids don't care about what movie they go see. They like the fact that they are going to the movies. They even have special kid combos during the summer series. Be sure to get there early because summer camps and daycares like to participate in these free movie showings. You can see if there is aPhoenix  Big Cinema theater near you by clicking here or you can call your local theaters to see if they have such programs or discounted days. Signing up for email offers can get you more discounts for the concessions.

Check with your local zoo to see if they offer free days in the summer. If you love near St. Louis, they always have free admissions year round. You just have to pay to park. If you do not mind walking you can park free and walk. Back home (Atlanta) the zoo would have free days with a can food drive. If you brought in a certain amount of can goods you could get in for free. If your local zoo doesn't  have free days, check if they have discount days where they have half off admissions.

Check your city's website (typically in the format : to find local festivals and concerts.

Don't forget about holiday parades (ie July 4th). Kids love those types of things! They see fire truck all year round but the excitement of seeing them in the parade is a whole different experience.

I hope this list helps you guys figure out what to do with your kiddos. You can always check your local news network website for an event calendar too. Also your school's secretary may know of free child-friendly events in your area.

Thanks for reading!!


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