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Thursday, May 1, 2014

30 Day Hair Growth Challenge: The ManeChoice

Hello Lovelies!!!

Wow I can't beieve I am approaching my two year mark since my BC this May!! It has been a rocky journey but I'm still here! :D I have wanted to do a second BC, a perm, you name it. But I have grown to love and appreciate my natural hair. I love it! One thing that I think most naturalistas can agree with is that the biggest issue is SHRINKAGE!!!! OMG!!! It took a while for me to get this length and I would like to show it. Ugh! Anyways, I discovered the ManeChoice through my sister. I originally wanted to purchase Hairinfinty but I decided to go with the ManeChoice. Here's some quick background info from the company's website:

"The Mane Choice™ was created by Courtney Adeleye aka CourtneyNaturalHair a science degree retainer and entrepreneur; with research overseen by her husband Dr. Adebowale Adeleye M.D. In 2008, Courtney Adeleye made a life changing decision to liberate her hair from texture altering chemicals and to regrow her hair natural. Throughout her quest to remain chemical free, it became challenging to obtain products to manage and maintain natural hair. She began to research the anatomy of hair and the scientific necessities to grow and retain healthy hair. After innumerable experiments and studies and while using her own hair as the primary research study Courtney & Adebowale obtained the necessary data to manufacture hair products that were advantageous to healthy hair. Her secret is out and she is ready to share The Mane Choice with the world" (2014).

I couldn't believe the photos and reviews!!! I was so shocked and the amount of hair growth that Courtney and these women had! 

I wanted to try for myself. I only purchased a 30 day supply. Most women noticed some growth after just one bottle. If I have a positive experience, I will get on the automated shipments until I reach the length that I desire. I would like my hair to be apl. See the chart below. Currently I am between cbl and sl.

Today is May 1st so I thought it woiuld be easier for me to start on the first of the month. Since vitamins tend to give me an upset stomach I will take them at lunch. I will continue to do updates throughout this month maybe every ten days. You can go to my YT channel to view my corresponding video where I do a length check.

If you would like more information on the Mane Choice, go to there website here. Be sure to suscribe to my YT channel and follow me on Twitter as I will update on those sites more with my progress and reviews. Till next time! Muah!

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  1. Today makes day 5 of my Mane Choice Challenge. I got a couple of pimples the 3 day. So far not anymore. My head is starting to itch now more than usual. What's so good about me doing this is that my hair is less than a half inch long and bald in other areas so if I grow hair by the end of my 30 then I will post my before and after pictures. Wish my luck thank you. If this works for me it will be great because it's been more than 10 yrs without a head full of hair so I' am excited.


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