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Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Find the Perfect Gift

Hey there Lovlies,

I don't know about you but more often than not I need to purchase a gift for someone. I get frustrated because I hate buying gifts!! I love to recieve but I hate buying. Now, I'm not selfish by any means. I just find it difficult finding the right gift. I never want to buy someone something they won't use or don't like. 

I wish there was a database for buying gifts based on a person's personality. Guess what? THERE IS!!!! During my quest for my hubby's Father's Day gift, I came across Their catchy slogan: "Find The Perfect Gift, Every Time." 

 Why am I just finding out about this website?! You can search for gifts based on the special occasion and even a person's personality. Is the guy your shopping for a sports fanatic, a handyman, or even an intellectual? Or is the woman your shopping for a professional, trendanista, or maybe a fitness nut? How about is the person a child, a teen, or adult. You can navigate this website really easily! 

There is even a personality quiz you can take if your not quite sure. Once the website pulls up, you click the personality link at the top of the page. A mini dropbox will open. Select 'click to get started.' Once the page opens you will be prompted to select your receipent from boy, teen boy, man, woman, teen girl, and girl. Another drop box will open and you have the option of entering the persons name but you also select their age. Once you do proceed you will be  asked approx. 8 questions given 3 answers at a time to choose from (only picking one). After the quiz is complete you get a profile for the person. You can save the profile or choose to start over. The profile includes gifts as well as a overall look at the persons personality percentage wise. Check out the personality quiz here.

The great thing about this website is that once you find a gift that you a interested in, you can select it and depending on your browser a small window will open/ or a new page with a brief description box, the price, and the option to "check it out." You will then be redirected to the purchasing website such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Walmart, etc.

I hope this helps you guys out when looking for your next gift. I know it helped me out!! Till next time Loves.

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