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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Treating Eczema using Neosporin Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream

       Anyone who has kids with eczema knows that once an episode gets bad, it hard to get under control. I found myself this winter trying everything in the book. My daughter Mya (5) has eczema which normally is okay with the exception to cold weather and pollen. This winter was pretty bad for us in Omaha. Her eczema got so out of control it would bleed. I tried the prescription strength hydrocortisone, over the counter hydrocortisone  aloe vera, coca butter, and everything else. Her eczema just wouldn't respond to anything. I began to worry because her scratching led to bleeding which left dark spots. I didn't want to waste anymore money on prescriptions and over the counter hydrocortisone. 

     I came across Neosporin Essentials in Walmart. I saw it was new. I read the label and decided to give it a try. I had just about lost hope. Neosporin is great for preventing scars so I was sold. After my daughters bath, I applied the cream on her head to toe. Literally in a matter of minutes, I noticed how moisturized her patches and overall skin was!! I was very surprised. Then in about three days I saw a dramatic difference. First sign was that the scratching stopped completely. The cream literally calmed the eczema down. This cream is definitely a God send! Of course $11 can get expensive rather quickly  I can tell you its really worth it. Even Aveeno didn't do as great of a job as this cream! The cream was so gentle that I used it on my 19 month old. He was beginning to develop eczema with the dry rough patches of skin. After two days of use, his skin was back to baby bottom smooth!! I am so happy I bought this cream and I definitely will continue to buy it.

If you have used it let me know your thoughts! Comments are always welcome. Thanks for the support!

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