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Friday, September 6, 2013

Essentials: Shoes for Every Woman

I was cleaning out my closet the other day. Just giving away things that I have out grown. Not because of weight but more my style. Women go through phases in their lives. And I am in the phase of Sexy-Sassy Sophisticated-Mommy. Meaning, I dress like I'm going into the office with a splash of sexiness all while remembering that I am someones MOTHER for crying out loud. LOL. Anyways, my husband had a not so brilliant idea that I should get rid of some of my shoes. I was so appalled. I couldn't believe my ears!! My shoes?! Are you insane?!!! A woman's shoes are detrimental to her outfit. The wrong shoes could destroy a perfect outfit. With that being said, we must be prepared by having the right shoe for every genre of outfits. I wouldn't expect him to understand that since he was indeed "An Average Man." That got me to thinking that there are ACTUALLY certain shoes that are essential to a woman's wardrobe. Here's my list:


  The Studded Sandal: This sandal's main purpose is say BLING BLING! When you need to jazz up your outfit just a bit, you can definitely do that with this studded beauty. Now studs is just a broad term for rhinestones, gems, jewels, or actual studs. This shoe is versatile and can be worn with cute jeans, a dress, and yes even shorts!

 The "FURby" Boot: Not to be confused with the quite creepy toy from the late 90s Furby. I named this boot 'FURby' because is just is FURRY! This boot says I'm "cozy cute." It looks its best when paired with skinny or fitted jeans. I have seen this boot pulled off with leggings too. Although it can be a little risky. Now a thing to remember about this boot style, It will cause your feet to get nice and toasty. So its better to save this one for the cooler months. THIS IS NOT A SHOE CHOICE FOR JULY!!! 

 Ballet Flats (Barbie Doll Shoes):  This shoe is so stinkin cute. Its main purpose is comfort. When you want to be cute and don't want to feel the "pain of cuteness," then this is your go to shoe. I recommend buying lots of flats! You can't have to many. They are great to have in a range of colors as well as prints. I would pair this cutey with any kind of jeans EXCEPT BOYFRIEND!!!! You can also where these with skirts and dresses. 

 The Heeled Boot: A great thing about this boot is that it comes in different styles. You can get it thigh high, knee high, and even calf high. Heeled boots are not to be confused with its cousin the cute Flat Boot. A heel is made solely for feeling sexy. These boots look better with jeans and ONLY jeans. Preferably skinny and fitted.

 The Red Peep Toe Pump: This my darling is the Marilyn Monroe of heels in my opinion. The sexy red color and flashy peep toe says nothing more than "Look..but you better not think of touching." LOL. Its a "peep" show. You only get a little one not the whole deal breaker.

 The Brown Sandal: Brown sandals just look perfect with cute dresses, shorts, and skirts. I myself like to where them with my skinny jeans. You don't need this sandal to out do your other accessories. Plain Jane is the way to go.

 The Nude Pump: Think of this as The Red Peep Toe's fraternal twin sister. Although they aren't identical...they are equally sexy. A nude pump is perfect for a color block dress that already has to much going on. It also can be perfectly paired with any fitted dress. Because of its light color, I would only wear this with jeans if they were ankle cuffed skinny jeans. I prefer to where this with a dress, shorts, or skirt.

 Ankle Booties: This is The Heeled Boot's younger sister. She is adorable and can be just as flashy as her older sibling. Ankle booties can be worn with a cute floral print dresses and jean jacket. They also look just darling with fitted/skinny jeans.

The Riding Boot: This Gal is looking for a comfy good time. Riding boots are beyond perfect for leggings!! Need I say more?

 The Ankle Strap Pump: This shoes main purpose is to draw attention to your legs. It has the ability to make your legs look longer with its thin strap. Its sexy yet not to flashy. These are perfect in solid colors. Black would be my preference.

The Statement Shoe: Last  but certainly not the least. Now I know you maybe wondering whats with all the colors. That's the thing about a statement shoe. You are trying to  make a point. Its "Hey...ALL EYES ON ME!" This shoes can come in a WIDE RANGE of styles. It does not have to be a color block pump. It can be a pump that has so many gems it should be a chandelier. Its any pump that is LOUD with STYLE! No room for Plain Janes in this club.

I hope you enjoyed MY list of Essentials: Shoes For Every Woman. I love getting your emails, but I love even better your comments. Let me know what you think. What is your favorite ESSENTIAL shoe? Maybe you have a shoe that is essential to you that is missing from my list. Please share :D Everyone's style is different and that's ok. Did you notice how i did not list the sneaker? Well sneakers are meant to be comfy not stylish. Point blank. They cant be dressed up AT ALL. This is Fashion Friday anyways right? Thank you guys so much for your continued support.

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