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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Men and Fashion Do Mix

I have spent so much time this year changing my husband's wardrobe. Not that he can't dress himself. He just needs a-little guidance. We would go to the store and I would tell him to go pick out some things he liked while I sat on the store bench. What would he come back with? You guessed it sport tees, sneakers, and jeans. Oh no no no. This just won't do. I had realize what kind of man my hubby was. There are two types when it comes to fashion. You see there are men who know how to dress without the help of a woman...we call them METRO-SEXUAL. Men who INDEED need the assistance of a woman are just called THE AVERAGE MAN. Simple. Ha ha. Anyhoo...As I began to get frustrated, I set out to find a way to get him interested in Men's Fashion. What better pros to seek out than GQ and Esquire and last but not least...Pintrest. I found that Esquire Mag was perfect for how to articles and GQ and Pintrest were "Picture Perfect."  This weekend I wanted to share my latest findings from the three websites. Here's the good stuff that I found:

 Clicking some photos will take you to the original websites.


What do you think? You can follow me on Tumblr and Pintrest for my "Steal His Style." I will also be adding that permanently to this blog I do use Polyvore. But anytime that I create it is posted on my blog page. My username for Pintrest and Tumblr is lovelyleochic. Thanks for reading lovelies!!!!

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