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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mya and Kindergarten Readiness

Mya has made it through her first month of kindergarten!!!! Yay! I'm such a proud mom. After speaking with her teacher, I feel really good about her developmental level. However, something caught my attention and had to be addressed right away. Mya has always been a very smart child. Being that she has an older brother, she learned to do many things at an early age. She was right her name one day when I realized she doesn't recognize many letter in the alphabet. I know many children go into kindergarten not knowing anything. But at the same time, I also feel with me being in the Elementary Education field, my daughter should now more than what she does.

I set out a way to help her with her numbers and letter recognition. I came across a great website. KIDS LEARNING STATION!!! It had everything you can imagine. Of course I was mainly focused on letters and numbers. I'm not a big fan of diddos (worksheets), but children can indeed benefit from them. Diddos are a fun way get some children to learn. Here are just a few examples that I found:

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