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Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Infinity Scarf

Just about everywhere I go I see these adorable Infinity scarfs! The ones that I have seen are about $30. I have wanted one of my own for a while, but that is more than I would like to spend.  I figured something like that would be fun and easy to make. I went to Hobby Lobby and I got 2 yards of fabric for $11.97. Hobby Lobby usually has fabric on sale for 30% off. If not, you could always use the 40% off coupon.

This fabric is cut 48in x 16in.
I used my Singer Stitch Sew Quick to sew the scarf. My intention was to hand stitch it until I realized how much fabric 2 yards was! Ha ha. Here is a photo tutorial of the cheetah print infinity scarf:
Fold the fabric in half "hotdog style" inside out. Using Ball Head Straight pins, secure the sides to be sewn.

For the purpose of this tutorial I used white thread but I recommend using black.

Hand stitch or sew the fabric along the straight pins.  Only sew the long side.
(If you are using the  Singer hand held YOU MUST REMOVE THE PINS AS YOU GO ALONG!)
Pull fabric back to outside in.

You need to insert one short side of the fabric into the other short side. The outer side needs to be folded inward about 1/2in. Secure with Ball Head pins. Sew along pins making sure not to sew the middle of the fabric and only the two sides.
Seam when finished.

You can also sew the sides a different way by just sewing the sides together instead of tucking. I did it my way so the seam would be less visible.

Finished product.

Check out post on Get the Look: Beyoncé Inspired featuring this scarf! Thanks for the support.

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