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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Salon Express

As Seen On TV has been around for many years. I never actually purchased anything from the infamous infomercials nor the stores. Well, last year sometime I saw an intriguing product called Salon Express. 

Everything it comes with.  Mine was used once before this picture.

 It's suppose to allow you to do some nail art at home without paying nail salon money. I thought about purchasing it for a while. I finally gave in this pass holiday season, however I did not make my purchase via As Seen On TV. By now, most of these products are available at local retailers. I purchased my Salon Express from Kmart. I paid the same price $10 plus my state taxes. Not bad. I wanted to do a quick review for those of you who were weary about purchasing one yourself. First I will show you the photo tutorial for what method I used, then I will give my opinion. Let's get started!!

Here is everything that you will need:
  • Salon Express Stamper, Scraper, and Image Plate
  • Nail Polish (2 colors & Top Coat)
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton Balls
(The directions recommended using nail art polish but I didn't use it this time.)

The process:

First polish your nails with the lighter color. Allow adequate drying time. I recommend 2 coats .

Apply polish to design of your choice. I chose the zebra print.

Be sure to cover design completely but don't over do it.

Using the scraper, scrape off excess nail polish. Next few steps mush be done quickly.

Press the stamper onto polished design.

Quickly transfer design using a side to side rolling action. I only rolled once.


I really enjoyed this little gadget. It was quick, easy, and convenient to use. This was my second time using it. I think with more practice I could be a pro at using it. The clean up was very easy, although if nail polish gets onto image plate holder, its hard to come off. All you need is nail polish remover. The only few issues I had with it is that you only get five image plates with mediocre designs. When you remove the blue film, the white imprinted words flake off and stick to your hand!! I would use a glove. I had to use nail polish remover to get rid of it. Soap and water didn't work. This is a really inexpensive way to spend time with my daughter or to just pamper myself. I hope this helped. What do you think? Buy or Pass? Thanks for the support!!

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  1. When I saw the commercials for this, I felt that there was NO WAY that I would spend my money on this item. However, I would buy it, based on this review.


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